Guineafowl in bronze

The current second edition of Guineafowl in bronze is now available in the studio with a beautiful, modern wattle-blue patina. Size; l/b/h 40/19/38cm upon its circular chromed steel base.

Please view this short video clip below, Guineafowl swivels beautifully on her reflective surface;

The first edition of Guineafowl in bronze with a charming verdigris patina;

Guineafowl sculpture,Tarentaal, bronze

Guineafowl sits on a pin on her chromed stainless steel base, she is made to remove and fits comfortably under the arm. What a beautiful silly bird!

Behind her you can see my Giant Octopus, still in the early stages of wax. It now stands beautifully in bronze on my veranda😁

Please DM me for pricing details and availability of Guineafowl, currently available in the studio 15/05/2020

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