Bronze Foundry Process Pictures

Fish Eagle in bronze production;

Bat Eared Foxy and The Tale of Eagle Owl and Robin in the background. Both in Fettling at the bronze foundry.

The bronze Little Sprinting Hare sculpture is cast in pieces.

Furnace, Elephant sculpture,Stephen Rautenbach Elephant sculpture My Elephant Mould In the fiery Furnace just before the bronze pour.
Ceramic shell mould, Elephent bronze Elephant sculpture emerging from its ceramic shell mould

2 thoughts on “Bronze Foundry Process Pictures

  1. Good morning Stephen, is the pen sketch of the barn owl for sale?
    If so, what is the price?
    Kind regards Annette Kusel

    1. Good morning Annette, thank you for your message, yes, my new Barn Owl sketch is on an A3 watercolor paper, 300 grams and Is R 3350, unframed.
      I am busy with a whole range of Owl pen studies at the moment. With best regards, Stephen

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