Bronze sculptures, catalogue photos.

Cape White Eye with cumquats on a copper plate. Edition /12

Guinea-fowl Maquette in bronze.

Edition /15

Eagle Owl
in flight.

Edition /15

Eagle Owl is mixed media. Bronze set with black diamonds with a silver pin, mounted on a base of African Black-wood.

, inspired by Japanese Netsuke. One of a larger collection of miniature bronze sculptures set with precious stones.

Small Seahorse 

Bronze on optic crystal

Edition /20

The bronze is uv-bonded onto its optic crystal base and has a natural fumed patina with resultant verdigris.

Seahorse 1 cast in bronze.

Edition /15

UV bonded onto its optic crystal block.

Running Warthog Maquette 2

Bronze on stainless steel box

Edition /12

Rhodesian Ridgeback Maquette


Edition /8

Dodo Maquette

Bronze on optic crystal

Edition /8

Dodo Maquette in the round.


Size 35/ 35/ 30cm





Rhodesian Ridgeback Portrait Sculpture

Ridgeback, sculpture, portrait, bronze







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