Sculpture Work in Progress

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   The Eagle is being constructed in wax on a steel armature

Sculptures stand around my studio in wax  until I decide to have them cast in bronze.

Sprinting Hare is my latest work in wax, still in progress…

4 thoughts on “Sculpture Work in Progress

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Wow, you have moved on to some exciting new sculptures Are you coming to the UK this year?
    Mark and Clare

    1. Hi Clare,

      Lovely to hear from you, thank you it is exciting ! I hope you are both keeping well. I’m not sure, I didn’t enter work in at the Mall Galleries this year, I will the next year though. There’s a little gallery in Woburn that wants to represent my work so it may well be possible a bit later on. I will be In touch if I do get the chance to come over. We are off to Italy on the 14 August for a month or so and Tuscany for a bit too.

      All of the best to you both,


  2. I love this work to a folly. Will it stay like this? I work with wax and armatures and am looking for a way to seal them so they stay as is. Can you help with this technique?

    1. Hi Yolande
      Wax is wonderful to work with. It does last a long time but better to have molded and cast. A hot day, and the wax will slump on its armature, keeping it cold is the only way to preserve it i’m afraid, it also attracts dust..always work with dark wax, its very light absorbent.

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