Fine Art

The great race is on! Here Tortoise is in the lead with Hare fleet-footed in the distance…

This is the second of the edition, and I have barely resisted the temptation to encrust the bronze sculpture with precious stones. 

The fable is mounted upon a base of African black wood, elevated on a pin of sterling silver.

Fine Art

Miniature sculptures in progress 

My miniature, poetic Japanese Netsuke-inspired sculptures are cast in bronze and are set with a variety of precious stones. 

Here the little Owl and Pussycat are being set with black rose-cut diamonds and white brilliants.

The precious little pieces are very labour intensive and each piece takes a few weeks on production. 
Tortoise from the great race with Hare, is being set with Rubies. In this picture, the bronze is prepared but as yet, un-patinated. The finished Tortoise has a cold green verdigris patina mounted upon a block of sandstone.

The collection of miniatures is growing steadily they also all have the potential, as maquettes, to be made to full size sculptures in bronze.

Animal sculptures Art Bird sculptures Bronze sculpture Bronzes Owls Sculpture/art

My First Miniature Bronze Sculptures


The little Barn Owl has diamonds set in its eyes, he sees and hears all from his perch. Mephistopheles is our whiskered studio cat, such an idiosyncratic fellow, with prominent whiskers and a flick in his tail…

Bird sculptures Bronze sculpture Bronzes Sculpture/art

Laughing Doves on a wire


‘Laughing Doves on a wire’ is my latest sculpture to be cast in bronze on an edition of twelve.

Art copper nickel sculpture Sculpture/art

My Big Octopus sculpture on patinated stainless steel

octopus sculpture
Copper Nickel Octopus
My Big Octopus sculpture on patinated stainless steel

Big Octopus sculpture in Copper Nickel

The copper nickel cast Octopus sculpture is a very unusual piece. The underlying theme is the spiral and the Octopus works incredibly well in the round.
The copper nickel has a subtle cold green patina applied and is mounted on a stainless steel base plate.