5 thoughts on “Pangolin

  1. Richard

    Hi Stephen. We met briefly last week at the SWLA exhibition in London. Good to meet you. Just read that CITES Conference agreed to put all species of Pangolin in the most protected category. Won’t stop illegal trade but raises the profile. Keep doing your amazing work. Richard


  2. Abby Gee

    Stephen, I was hoping to procure a bronze such as yours for a fundraiser for an organisation in Indonesia, that I generate funds for pangolin and slow loris being the focus. I was just wondering whether it would be possible to procure a copy of this bronze and what is the best best possible price. Sorry to be candid, I just need to see if we are even in the range of being able to have a piece of your calibre.

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    1. Hello Abby, thank you for your email, The Pangolin that is a wonderful cause and one I also hold dear.
      I do have the fourth of the edition in the foundry process at the moment and it should be available shortly.
      The life size Pangolin retails at R 130 000 ( 9770 US dollars) excluding shipping through my studio.
      Should you want it for your cause I would be happy to sell one to you at R 110 000 .
      The life-size Pangolin retails in London at 9600 pounds sterling. I was lucky enough to win the Langford Press 3D award for it through the Mall Galleries, London 2016.
      I do hope that suits you, we can communicate at my email address : stephen_rautenbach@hotmail.com

      If that is not within your budget, and you do have a few months of time, I could make you a smaller Pangolin in bronze at around R 65 000,
      With kind regards,



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