One little Elephant balancing

Cast in bronze with a bold powder blue patina, this bronze sculpture crosses into surrealism

Inspired by spending time with my baby daughter, singing nursery rhymes in Italy.

 The bronze maquette stands at 70/15/16.5cm in height on an aluminum base 19.3L/10W/8H with an edition of 12 potential castings.

Inspired by an European nursery rhyme little Elephant dances on the spiderweb, the thread of life, and is part of the eternal spiral…it is time to call up another little elephant…

5 thoughts on “One little Elephant balancing

  1. Etherial – lovely – want to own this piece- its beautiful, not enough superlatives.
    Was in the gallety this afternoon and had to be dragged out- really interesting and impressive pieces – talent and vision combined.

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