Current Studio details

Fine Art 9 Apr 2017

      Close-up of one of my Eagle Owl studies in Pastel

Porcupine Maquette is quite an unusual character, such a prickly chap…


Presentation in my studio gallery, I delight in rare antique furniture, a touch of the classic, a regal Victorian Chiffonier sets off Contemporary bronze beautifully.

Giant Goldfish making a splash in my studio

Fine Art 22 Jan 2017

Goldfish is a theme that has developed with the growth of my personal goldfishbowl, my own mental construct. 

Miniature Life-size goldfish, 23kt gilded bronze in crystal set with Red rubies.

We set our own limitations and have infinite growth potential…Goldfish Maquette 2 23kt gold on crystal has bubbles under his belly and his bowl is still growing…

This new splash is a big one…the logical growth..and the expanding mind..

Goldfish Maquette three in anticipation of liberation of the Goldfish…wax for bronze and note the concentric rings, he is becoming very much a part of the bigger pond.

 With infinite growth potential.

Bronze Pangolin 

Fine Art 20 Jan 2017

What a satisfying project! 

The Pangolin has such a wonderful tactile volume to it. 

She is curled into a life-sized armored ball and forms a dynamic asymmetric spiral depicted in her protective pose.

The 15Kg bronze sculpture is an interactive sculpture made to pick up and place as you please. Surface detail ranges from realism through to abstraction.

A few portraits and details of my bronze sculpture characters…

Fine Art 10 Dec 2016

Expression in modern sculpture is not to be taken for granted. 
Portrait close-up of Eagle Owl in bronze.

High detail and a good knowledge of basic anatomy, structure and composition  is essential for contemporary animalier..

Little Sprinting Warthog Maquette, what a fright. Grrrrooooinkkkk!!!

Black Eagle one of the greatest metaphors of power, such a beady eyeball…

Sprinting Hare Maquette the Riverine Rabbit as inspiration, running the race of life.

Porcupine what a dark, prickly character!

Barn Owl, double life size in bronze.

Wood Owl, bashful, sleepy and heard more often than seen…

Sitting Warthog Maquette having a good scratch…what a pig..