New Sunbird compositions on local floral blooms

The Sunbird sits smug dominating the flower that he has just relieved of its nectar…the flower is a local bloom ant true to life. medium; bronze. Edition; /12

Sunbird, floral bloom, botanical sculpture, bronze
Sunbird perched, smug after a good beak whetting

The two delightfully mean little Sunbirds survey the garden from a vantage point perched upon a virgin bloom. Medium; bronze. Edition; /12 the flower is also true to life, a local bloom and the Sunbirds are life size.

Sunbirds sculpture, bronze, botanical,art

Sunbirds upon a floral bloom

My Fury/ Harpy progress

A recent comission based on Greek and Roman mythology now in the initial rubber molding process.

I have made her the first of three winged figurines and she stands soaking up the rising of the sun and it’s warmth on her skin for the first time.

She is a hybrid, with the wings of a Harpy Eagle.

Beneath her are birds of prey, as is she of nature, scenting the air before the hunt.

She stands around 75cm tall and is currently in wax for bronze, a Maquette for a half life size sculpture and the start of an exciting body of work.

I will post up images of her after assembly in bronze, exciting stuff!

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