Fine Art

Bronze Owls standing like wise Sentinels in the Studio

The Spotted Eagle Owl, one of the limited edition /8 is currently available in my Stellenbosch studio as well as at the Tapestry Gallery in Woburn, Bedfordshire, England.

Below is my catalogue photo of the bronze sculpture; Size; l/b/h: 37/ 35/ 62 cm upon its patinated stainless steel box

Large Eagle Owl maquette in the studio;

The sculpture is a maquette for a monumental Owl in bronze, currently work in progress, here I am standing next to the steel armature for the monumental piece;

I look forward to sculpting this big wise Owl in plaster for bronze.

Fine Art

Portfolio pics of the Fury comission ‘Tisiphone’ upon completion.

This sculpture was commissioned and is available on order with a limited edition of eight possible bronze castings and one AP.

Here below is a photo of Fury at the bronze foundry with me for size;

Fury on my noble antique display with other of my pieces in bronze;

Please view the short video clip below of the bronze detail, her base has predatory birds in it including a vulture and black Eagle, also significant characters in my bronze collection.

Below are a few catalogue photos of Fury without noise in her surroundings;

The bronze Maquette dimensions are

l/b/h; 26/ 33/ 88 upon its patinated stainless steel box base of 10/ 20/ 20cm.

Bronze production is expected to take eight to ten weeks upon order placement.

Fine Art

Fish Eagle

Fish Eagle liberating a trout from its stream in a beautiful Franschoek garden.

Fine Art

Tisiphone the eldest Fury Sister in fettling at the foundry.

The last stage of the foundry process where quality is finalized before patina…

The next stage will be Patina with flame and chemical application to oxidize the bronze with warn browns and verdigris.

Fine Art

Fury pre-patina pics, bronze cast ‘Tisiphone’ Maquette in the foundry process.

Raw bronze, on assembly, still in the final stages of fettling and chasing. She has a certain classical beauty to her…

Fine Art

Swallows on Line

Swallows, bronze,sculpture,
The Swallows on line in expectation of a long flight

They are ready to fly, three on infinity this morning.

Fine Art

New Sunbird compositions on local floral blooms

These two delightfully mean little Sunbirds survey the garden from a vantage point perched upon a virgin bloom.

Medium; bronze. Size; l/b/h 15/20/44cm Edition; /12 the flower is also true to life, a local bloom, and the Sunbirds are life size.

The two sculptures work beautifully as a set, here below are the catalogue photos of the sculptures. as well as them placed in my sculpture studio Gallery;

Sunbirds pair on their virgin bloom;

Single Sunbird perched upon his ravished bloom;

Sunbird perched, smug after a good beak whetting! Size; l/b/h 25/25/44 cm on its patinated stainless steel box.

Below is the catalogue pics of the Sunbird sculptures without surrounds;

Both are currently available in the studio, please DM me for details.

Fine Art

My Fury/ Harpy progress

A recent comission based on Greek and Roman mythology now in the initial rubber molding process.

I have made her the first of three winged figurines and she stands soaking up the rising of the sun and it’s warmth on her skin for the first time.

She is a hybrid, with the wings of a Harpy Eagle.

Beneath her are birds of prey, as is she of nature, scenting the air before the hunt.

She stands around 75cm tall and is currently in wax for bronze, a Maquette for a half life size sculpture and the start of an exciting body of work.

I will post up images of her after assembly in bronze, exciting stuff!

Fine Art

Guineafowl in bronze

The current second edition of Guineafowl in bronze is now available in the studio with a beautiful, modern wattle-blue patina. Size; l/b/h 40/19/38cm upon its circular chromed steel base.

Please view this short video clip below, Guineafowl swivels beautifully on her reflective surface;

The first edition of Guineafowl in bronze with a charming verdigris patina;

Guineafowl sculpture,Tarentaal, bronze

Guineafowl sits on a pin on her chromed stainless steel base, she is made to remove and fits comfortably under the arm. What a beautiful silly bird!

Behind her you can see my Giant Octopus, still in the early stages of wax. It now stands beautifully in bronze on my veranda😁

Please DM me for pricing details and availability of Guineafowl, currently available in the studio 15/05/2020

Fine Art

Predicted; A Harpy with a breeze of Fury…there is no escape from this feathered dame.

My latest comission in wax for bronze, a mythological figurine with the wings of an Eagle.

work in progress …