Bronze Octopus

Uncategorized 15 Dec 2013

Octopus sculpture, octopus,statue, bronze

octopus, statue,bronze,sculpture,Stephen Rautenbach

bronze sculpture,Octopus statue,octopus sculpture

Bronze Octopus

octopus,sculpture,Bronze octopus

Octopus in bronze


My Portfolio: I am a sculptor and artist. I studied Fine Art at Mandela Metropolitan University. I worked as a fettler and an artisan at a bronze foundry for a couple of years. I was a teacher of sculpture at Somerset College for four and a half years and also lectured space and volume at Stellenbosch University for a short period. I did teach sculpture privately. I have a public studio/gallery in Stellenbosch South Africa. I do private and corporate commissions on sculptural portraiture, animal and bird sculptures. Sculptures are made in wax, plasticine or plaster before I have them cast in bronze. I am currently represented by the George Thornton Art Gallery in the UK, Nottingham, where I have sculptures on Exhibition. Locally in South Africa I have a few bronze sculptures at the Posthouse Gallery as well as an extensive collection of bronze sculptures at my Studio Gallery, 44 Church Street Stellenbosch South Africa. I do illustrative pen and ink drawings and the occasional lithograph. My other website is and

Comment 1

  1. Adamandia Kapsalis says on 14 Apr 2014

    I love the motion implied in the octopus tentacles. I suggest replacing the bare rod holding up the octopus with some coral. I enjoy your bird sculptures that are sitting on branches or flowers.


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