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Miniature Bronze collectables with precious stones

Here is another selection of my limited edition, miniature bronze sculptures, mounted on their Ebony and Aluminum bases.

Little Sprinting Hare A few of the editions are set with precious stones such as Diamonds, Tanzanites, and Rubies, in search of a Japanese Netsuke inspired aesthetic.

Horned Eagle Owl

Sitting Eagle Owl on his post up high, is rather a plump downy fellow.


The Pangolin or ‘Ietermagog’ is an interactive sculpture that is made to pick up off of its base. He makes a spiral, curled into a ball.


Spotted Eagle Owl in silent Flight is mounted upon its wing-tips…


Little Hedgehog with diamonds, is rather a snuffly, prickly character…

Spotted Eagle OwlOnTree

Owl sits free in a rare tree with Diamonds on Ebony.

Owl in FlightDiamonds

Owl up high sailing the night sky with Diamonds on Aluminium.

nobirdy, bronze,miniature
            A wizened Duck, what a bit of luck on Ebony                                                  
cat sculpture
Mephistopheles the studio cat
#Owl,pussycat, bronze
The Owl and Pussycat
Gold, fish,goldfish
Goldfish, liberated from his bowl, gilded on glass.

Miniature sculptures in bronze

My new miniature bronze sculptures, inspired by Japanese Netsuke sculpture

nobirdy, bronze,miniature
A wizened nobirdy
Owl in silent flight
Gold, fish,goldfish
Goldfish, liberated from his bowl

are coming along nicely…

These are a few of my new bronze pieces mounted on aluminum and ebony.


Miniature collection Sculptures Process pics

 These are new miniature sculptures. They are in the production process in my studio.  Sculptures in bronze are fettled, patinated and then mounted onto their respective based.
  Little Eagle Owl in flight is mounted on a pin into a solid block of aluminum.  Little Hedgehog and Pangolin ‘Ietermagog’ pre-patina.
 Little bronze nude process pic to be mounted on an aluminum block.


Kraken Sculpture in progress

Kraken is my new sculpture of the life-size Enterictopus or Giant Octopus in wax, for casting in bronze…the sculpture becomes surreal, an intimate, detailed yet monumental piece.



Kraken progress pics

Kraken is developing with attention to one tentacle at a time…


Wax creates quite some chaos in the gallery, about what one would expect from a Kraken…Giant Octopus indeed…


Peregrine Falcon Sculpture

Peregrine Falcon sculpture in Bronze
Size:1400/ 600/560mm
Edition /8

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Eagle Owl Mirror frame in wax for bronze-process pics

Height : 1.5 m work in progress…


Spotted Eagle owl sits upon scrolls of lore   

Owl overlooks an Organic landscape, central is the tree of life, in the reflection you see your self.


Goldfish Maquette in wax for Bronze

The Goldfish Maquette is complete in Wax for bronze and is in the foundry process at the moment.  

Goldfish statue  

Goldfish bubbles,Goldfish statue


Octopus sculpture with a gorgeous new verdigris patina

Somewhat bored with its translucent blue brown patina, I heated up my bronze Octopus maquette and applied some Verdigris..DSC_7663

Bronze Octopus,Patination
Octopus changing color
With some heat and Cupric nitrate, the growth of a beautiful verdigris on the bronze Octopus.



Green Octopus, sculpture, Bronze,stephen rautenbach
Bronze Octopus sculpture
Bronze Octopus sculpture
Green octopus,bronze
My Bronze Octopus with its lovely new verdigris patina.
href=””>Bronze, stephen rautenbach,octopus Octopus sculpture in patina, adding a beautiful verdigris to the bronze statue

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Goldfish, liberated from his bowl. The beginning of the journey. In recognition of the larger Goldfish Bowl and spontaneous growth.
Eurathane for bronze
Size: 1160/650/500mm



IMG_5007 ,