Bronzes Fine Art Sculpture/art sculptures of Sea Creatures

Seahorses in bronze with a fumed verdigris patina mounted on crystal

Seahorse,bronze,art The fumed patina gives a lovely turquoise on the bronze.

It is the first time that these sculptures from my portfolio on the underwater theme have been cast in bronze. They were previously copper-nickel cast.


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Cheetah sculpture

Cheetah barely touches the ground as if flying, a dreamlike image in bronze, with much underlying tension and dynamic movement.

cheetah,Cheetahs,Cheetah sculpture,Bronze Cheetah
Cheetah in mid flight
Cheetah,bronze cheetah,cheetah sculpture
Cheetah being inspected by Meph’s our studio cat..

Pics by;   Jaques Ensink

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Running Warthog Maquette 2

The Running Warthog Maquette has been one of my favorite Characters, and here he is as ballsy as ever, larger and more feisty because pigs are pigs..

#Warthog, sculpture, wax sculpture
Pigs are pigs! Still running, ‘though long in the tooth…he’s a ballsy one…

Medium: wax for Bronze in the studio
Edition /12

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Goldfish, liberated from his bowl. The beginning of the journey. In recognition of the larger Goldfish Bowl and spontaneous growth.
Eurathane for bronze
Size: 1160/650/500mm



IMG_5007 ,


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My First Miniature Bronze Sculptures


The little Barn Owl has diamonds set in its eyes, he sees and hears all from his perch. Mephistopheles is our whiskered studio cat, such an idiosyncratic fellow, with prominent whiskers and a flick in his tail…

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Sitting Warthog in bronze

Warthog,Warthog statue, Warthog bronze sculpture
Sitting Warthog, a bit fatter and longer in the tooth, he glares at the world with a baleful eye…a pig can only run for so long…then he’s got to sit!!
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The Owl and the Pussycat sculpture

cat bronze,cat sculpture,cat statue

Owl and Pussycat, sculpture,statue,
My latest comissioned work cast in bronze…

Scops Owl,bronze,statue
Owl sits on the rim of the moon when viewed from the Pussycats perspective..

The Owl and Pussycat stare into one-anothers eyes with affection and longing…they are joined by a surreal umbilical chord that becomes a moon, adjoining the earth and the heavens.
Medium: Bronze
Size: 450B/ 720W/ 1520mmH
Base size: 100/400/400mm

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Fish Eagle sculpture

Fish Eagle,bronze,sculpture,statue
Fish Eagle doing what she does best, Trout living in uncertain times..
Fish Eagle statue, Trout sculpture
Fish Eagle liberates trout from his stream, what a flight of fancy..!!
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Porcupine sculpture

Here is a selfie of Porcupine!

Such an Unruly, rebellious rodent cast in bronze! Edition /12

What a crazy character…

Porcupine...What an unruly, rebellious Rodent!
Porcupine…What an unruly, rebellious Rodent!


DSCF8576such a prickly chap..

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Sunbird in wax for bronze

Sunbird, a great little character sitting on the Sun

sunbird,Collibri, wax sunbird
Sunbird in wax for bronze