The Owl and the Pussycat sculpture

cat bronze,cat sculpture,cat statue

Owl and Pussycat, sculpture,statue,
My latest comissioned work cast in bronze…

Scops Owl,bronze,statue
Owl sits on the rim of the moon when viewed from the Pussycats perspective..

The Owl and Pussycat stare into one-anothers eyes with affection and longing…they are joined by a surreal umbilical chord that becomes a moon, adjoining the earth and the heavens.
Medium: Bronze
Size: 450B/ 720W/ 1520mmH
Base size: 100/400/400mm

3 thoughts on “The Owl and the Pussycat sculpture

    1. Thank you very much Barbara, it is based upon a much loved Ophelia 🌞 who met her eternal wisdom in the owl, who promptly bore her away. They were united, a marriage in the heavens…

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