Fine Art

My new Octopus Maquette in the foundry process, almost completed.

The measurements of the ‘spec’ in fettling at the bronze foundry sets the measure for the rest of the sculpture’s limited edition of 12 possible castings and two artist proofs.

The next step in the process is the choice of patina, the chemical oxidization of the bronze as well as the patina of its stainless steel base.

I look forward to posting up once the sculpture is complete.

Pre-orders are now open for the first editions of this sculpture. Please DM me for further details.

Fine Art

Goddess in bronze

My second monumental-size sculpture cast in bronze.

 Dedicated to the North Westerly winds, she brings rain to our thirsty Western Cape earth, a blowing, billowing, blustery storm wind.

She is a mythological piece following a similar thread of content as my ‘Cape Doctor’ a bronze sculpture of the South Easterly wind that I made some years ago.

The Cape Doctor, the beastly South Easterly that cleanses, here is my article link: 


He is The South Easter and Bacchus and stands in a private garden in Stellenbosch South Africa.

Fine Art

Bronze assembly pics of my Goddess sculpture 

I have been eagerly anticipating my Goddess sculpture in bronze, here are a few process photos of her in bronze assembly, pre-Patination.

She is an allegory of the North Westerly wind and will be patinated a lovely verdigris after the fettling stage. 

Keep an eye on this space to see her on completion.

Art Fine Art Giant Octopus Sculpture sculptures of Sea Creatures Stephen Rautenbach Wax

Kraken sculpture (giant Octopus)

The Kraken is in its beginning stages in the studio  


Animal sculptures Art Bronze sculpture

Rhodesian Ridgeback sculpture

“Who is It??? Who is it??? Kingston go get him… him…!!!

Ridgeback bronze, Ridgeback sculpture
Sa…Sah..Seek him…! Go seek him! Where’s he???!


Animal sculptures Art Bronze sculpture Bronzes poetry Sculpture/art

Porcupine sculpture

Here is a selfie of Porcupine!

Such an Unruly, rebellious rodent cast in bronze! Edition /12

What a crazy character…

Porcupine...What an unruly, rebellious Rodent!
Porcupine…What an unruly, rebellious Rodent!


DSCF8576such a prickly chap..

Animal sculptures Art Bronze sculpture poetry Sculpture/art

Miniature Japanese Netsuke-inspired sculptures in bronze

Japanese Netsuke,sculpture,miniature bronze,stephen rautenbach
Japanese Netsuke inspired sculpture, miniature.
Size 40mm/40mm

Leopard, miniature,bronze,stephen rautenbach

Bronze miniatures,sculptures,leopard Japanese Netsuke, Stephen Rautenbach
Presentation of finished, patinated, miniature bronze sculptures

bronze Japanese netsuke, Stephen Rautenbach,bronze, miniature sculpture
Little leopard and cub, Japanese Netsuke-inspired work in bronze, size 40mm/40mm

Art copper nickel sculpture Sculpture/art

My Big Octopus sculpture on patinated stainless steel

octopus sculpture
Copper Nickel Octopus
My Big Octopus sculpture on patinated stainless steel

Big Octopus sculpture in Copper Nickel

The copper nickel cast Octopus sculpture is a very unusual piece. The underlying theme is the spiral and the Octopus works incredibly well in the round.
The copper nickel has a subtle cold green patina applied and is mounted on a stainless steel base plate.


Afrikander Rain bull

The Rain Bull
Sculpting the bull
A process photo of me working on my latest sculpture in wax,