The Black Eagle Bronze sculpture complete

Uncategorized 4 Feb 2012

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The Black Eagle has landed.

The bronze sculpture is finally finished, patinated and has a jewel-like finish. Edition /9 

Size; 1005mmH/700mmW


My Portfolio: I am a sculptor and artist. I studied Fine Art at Mandela Metropolitan University. I worked as a fettler and an artisan at a bronze foundry for a couple of years. I was a teacher of sculpture at Somerset College for four and a half years and also lectured space and volume at Stellenbosch University for a short period. I did teach sculpture privately. I have a public studio/gallery in Stellenbosch South Africa. I do private and corporate commissions on sculptural portraiture, animal and bird sculptures. Sculptures are made in wax, plasticine or plaster before I have them cast in bronze. I am currently represented by the George Thornton Art Gallery in the UK, Nottingham, where I have sculptures on Exhibition. Locally in South Africa I have a few bronze sculptures at the Posthouse Gallery as well as an extensive collection of bronze sculptures at my Studio Gallery, 44 Church Street Stellenbosch South Africa. I do illustrative pen and ink drawings and the occasional lithograph. My other website is and

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  1. Derek Poole says on 30 Mar 2012

    Fantastic Stephen. Will be making our way to Woburn to see the eagle. Will you be there?
    Derek and Jenny Poole


    • stephen rautenbach says on 31 Mar 2012

      Hi Derek Yes, I’ll arrive in London on the Fourth and will go straight through to Woburn, the opening of the exhibition is on the evening of the fifth, It’ll be great to see you folks there. Do let me know when you plan on coming through.I fly back to Sa on the tenth of April, just a short stay this time unfortunately.


      • Derek Poole says on 31 Mar 2012

        Hi Stephen
        Unfortunately we can’t make the opening on the 5th. but are planning for Saturday 7th, will you be there? has we would love to meet with you again. If you are not there on the Saturday is there another day when you will be as we can change. Looking forward to seeing you and the completed Eagle.


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