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The great race is on! Here Tortoise is in the lead with Hare fleet-footed in the distance…

This is the second of the edition, and I have barely resisted the temptation to encrust the bronze sculpture with precious stones. 

The fable is mounted upon a base of African black wood, elevated on a pin of sterling silver.

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Goddess sculpture

Goddess is a sculpture by Stephen that depicts the North Westerly Wind that blows a gale in the western Cape South Africa

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Goddess the North Westerly Wind she brings the rains


In Wax for bronze

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The Tale of The Brave Brave Mice

The Tale of The Brave Brave mice, my latest bronze sculpture.
The central theme is the quest for wisdom, a universal journey.

The Three field Mice approach the Wise owl and the setting is the tree of life.

At the very top sits Eagle Owl, a supreme symbol of wisdom. The three mice climb the tall tree of life to consult owl.








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The Cape Doctor Bronze

Some years ago, I completed this large bronze sculpture on commission in Stellenbosch.
The brief was; ‘Make a bronze male Torso’.
The theme I presented in bronze, was my human interpretation of ‘The Cape Doctor’ much like the great sculptors and Painters did in the days of old.
I love Mythology and the very appropriate name for the wind ‘The Cape Doctor’.
It occurs frequently, a dry, often gale-force wind that cleanses the Western Cape around September of every year.
The ‘beastly South Easterly’ often wreaks havoc, cleanses and brings heavy rains to our Wine-lands region.
A Large part of my inspiration and idea for the sculpture originated with art history,
Caravaggio’s painting’ Bacchus’,
and Michelangelo’s ‘Moses’, hence, my bronze figures little horn growth nodes beneath his hair, grapes and leafy weightlessness.
Here in the Western Cape South Africa we are privileged to live in one of the worlds best wine regions.

He becomes the wind and vineyards. His eyes closed as if caught up in the gale of a dream.</strong>